DonFuryStudio began as a small rehearsal room named 'Roach' on 17th Street in Manhattan, where bands from the original New York punk scene would work. The Voidoids, James Chance, the Bush Tetras, and the Stimulators were a few of the first bands to use the room. The studio soon moved to the historic 18 Spring Street address and evolved into a recording environment, and began to host two completely different scenes.

The art-punk scene was focused in the East village, the Mudd Club, and Danceteria, and artists like Glenn Branca, Y-Pants, Circle X, Plus Instruments, Jules Baptiste, Malaria, and later Sonic Youth, God is my Co-pilot, and Helmet rehearsed at the studio. Nina Hagen, Chris Spedding, Robert Gordon and Elliot Sharp were guests.

The Hardcore scene began at the studio around the time that Fury recorded 'United Blood' by Agnostic Front. At that time bands like the Psychos, the Cro Mags, and Warzone were also in the room. The studio was doing many live cassette recordings along with 2,4, and 8 track sessions.
Fury played a crucial role in starting the famous CBGB hardcore matinee, through his relationship with Hilly Kristal, CBGB's owner.

Along with classic hardcore bands like Sick of it All, Underdog, and Madball, the bands from the ABC no Rio scene began recording with Fury. Citizen's Arrest, Born Against, Go!, Absolution and Nausea all used the room.

Revelation Records began to use the studio extensively with all of it's bands, and the New York straight-edge and post-hardcore scenes were almost born from the studio. Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, Burn, Youth of Today, Into Another, Quicksand, Orange 9mm, and Civ are some of the bands that made their first records at the studio.

Wreck-Age Records filled the gap left by Revelation's move to California, and depended on the studio for recordings by Yuppicide, Mind Over Matter, SFA, Stillsuit, Neglect, Bad Trip, Indecision, and more. Equal Vision Records came to the studio for records by Shelter and Shift. Victory Records came for records by Snapcase, Warzone, and Shelter. Punk Rock came in the form of the Bouncing Souls, the Blanks 77, and the Lunachicks. GG Allin and the Murder Junkies came unto themselves.

By the early 90's many New York bands Fury produced were signed to major labels, including Quicksand, Civ, Orange 9mm, Into Another, Sick Of It All, Warriorsoul and Helmet. Fury was represented by Sandy Roberton of World's End America from 1994 - 2000 on a non-exclusive basis.
Fury produced major label releases for Lava, Atlantic, David Geffen Company, Island, Polydor, East West, American and BMG records. Both Civ and Quicksand had heavy rotation on MTV.

In the late 90's, Fury created a distribution deal with TVT Records for his studio label, Building Records. Fury signed and recorded LP's by Stillsuit, dayinthelife, and A Day for Honey for Building Records. The TVT deal ended, and Building stayed active with an indie signing; Pintsize, from Santa Fe, NM.

Fury's vision of a room built for scene-oriented bands in New York and the World was realized. Bands from around the world - Britain, Japan, Germany, Italy, Greece, Norway, Argentina, Canada, and across the U.S.A. made great records at donfurystudio.

CYCLONE SOUND was Fury's third studio, from 2001 through 2008:

Built on Coney Island beach in Brooklyn, NY, and opened on January 4th, 2001, artists as diverse as World Inferno Friendship Society, Black 47, The Spunks, Mental, Outbreak, Hiretsukan, Mommy and Daddy, Rantanplan, x-lover, Endangered Feces, Caught In A Trap, Brick By Brick and many others made crucial records with Fury at the studio in Coney Island. Cyclone Sound clients traveled to the studio from California, Florida, Canada, Norway, Belgium and Germany.

And the new Don Fury Studio, in Troy, New York:

In 2007, Fury bought a loft building in Troy, New York, and built the new Don Fury Studio, opening the room in November of 2008.
Aficionado (No Sleep Records), After The Fall (Mightier Than Sword), Skeletons In The Piano, The Erotics (Trash Pit Records), and Murderer's Row (Riley Records) are a few of the bands touring on records made in the new studio.

Fury is mixing and mastering more bands than ever from around the world at the Troy studio. Guatemalan band Volver was the first international client in Troy - Fury has mixed and mastered projects for Make Mention Of Sight (Japan), Hurt X Unit (Australia), Deep Throat (Italy), Remission (Chile), Sands Of Time (Switzerland), Anno Senza Estate (Italy), and Overthrown (Singapore) - and Fury has mastered projects for Gargantha (Italy), Devotion (Italy), Dealer (Poland), Outright (Australia), Thick Skin (Australia), Son Fersah (Turkey), and Radical Noise (Turkey).

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